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Psalms for the Liturgical Service

Psalm 118 Psalm 126
Psalm 118 Music Psalm 126 Music

Psalm 51 Music - Page 1 Psalm 51 Music - Page 2
Psalm 51 Music - Page 1 Psalm 51 Music - Page 2

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CD and Video

CD Cover- The Life of Jesus as Seen through His Mother Mary's Eyes, by Connie Backus-Yoder
Connie Backus-Yoder
Composer and Organist

Despair of the Ages Introit Laura Waldman
God Has Not Abandonded Micah 5:8 Laura Waldman
Mary's Response to Gabriel Psalm 103 Choir
Nativity and Flight to Egypt The Prophets Lellaby Holly Heffelbower
His Father's Son Psalm 23 Julia Schleck
Light of the World Arise Shine Pippa Lawson
Baptism and Ministry Psalm IV Holly Heffelbower
Sorrow: Prayer in Garden Lamentation: A Grief of 40 days Choir and Soloist
Crucifixion Stabat Mater Julia Schleck
Resurrection Alle Alle Loeuxouiah! Pippa Lawson
Sheep of Other Pastures Sing for Joy Pippa Lawson
Return Forgotten Monastery Burns Davis, Organ


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Choral, Solo, Instrumental Music for Church Settings

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