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40 Flowers for Grief: A Weekly Journal to Help Overcome Debilitating Grief and Depression
Help put words to your own grief and depression. Between the years of 1991 and 1992, I recorded by own healing process. It was a difficult journey and required many things of me, especially that of cooperating with the healing process. For all of my childhood and most of my adult life, I have suffered from crippling grief and depression which did not respond to normal techniques of therapy. In late life, I found two therapists, one after the other, who were qualified to help me with my set of spiritual problems. The result was the healing of my mind, soul and spirit. The ability to learn how to cooperate with them and this is what the book is about. The book records my thoughts, difficulties and life experiences which made healing so impossible for those many years. It also records the thoughts, images, and techniques that I used to facilitate healing and to maintain healing in these past several years.
Excerpts from the Book:

Week 26
Week 34
Week 40



Musings of a Soul Evolving: Poetry created to help solve life�s problems
My purpose in sharing these poems is because they are my "children", the expression of the range of positive and negative emotions experienced during the 20 or so years of the healing process. Some were written in deepest despair, others with expectant waiting, and still others with questions foremost on my mind. Sometimes I never received answers, but my soul was fed in the process of asking the questions. My "children" are "grown up" now, and they have accomplished their destined work in my soul. If I have these thoughts, the wrestling of the soul, and questions, then others have them too. They sometimes gave me a release for my feelings, so that I could go on to the next step in my spiritual journey. These poems helped me deal with my imperfect self and imperfect life. Now I want to share them with you in the hopes that others may read them and gain courage to write their own thoughts down to create their own pathway to acceptance and love.
Excerpts from the Book:

Table of Contents
Joy After Sorrow
Soul's Freedom
Touch of the Potter
If the Day were any Other



The Wilderness: A Women�s Journal for Spiritual Growth
This journal is for a woman seeking her true place. It begins on the "Great Sea of Despair" where there is no purpose for life. The reader then is led to an island with a viable shoreline, but realizes that she cannot come ashore because the one who controls that shoreline is full of mind sets. She realizes that she is free and is able to develop her own path towards self and pushes on. She finds another part of the island to come ashore and the first thing she sees of safety is a cave. She moves on to other areas of interest in her curiosity to find out what the island is about. Among the places she journeys to and/or through are the shoreline of temporary joy; long narrow path to nowhere; demonic haunts; salt valley depression; oasis of...; plains of loneliness; abandoned garden-monastery; pool of poison, stagnant water; mountains of a better view; rock hills of personal danger; death valley; jungle of pressure/stress; stairway; of angels; hollow of unheard prophecy; well of everlasting life; burning bush; pinnacles of temptation; cross of agony; gates of hope. Traveler learns many things about herself during the journey, many things about society, and many things about her potential.
Excerpts from the Book:

Table of Contents
Part 2 Shoreline of Mind-Sets
Part 12 The mountains of a Better View
Part 16 Jacob's Ladder



Land of Fair Rainbow
Is a fantasy tale which is "dedicated to those who have been to the rainbow, passed through it, and are now back with us to show us the way there, too". This workshop is to help you find your core values by using the imagery of a rainbow. "Red, yellow, green, blue, Is there something more in you? Orange, purple, brown, black, Does a rainbow, nothing lack?" You, the seeker, represented by Impel Not Too Tall, an apprentice soul searcher, and your guide, Mampa See So High, the experienced and highly gifted soul searcher, travel to the Land of Fair Rainbow after what is most important in life. Two Swans named Whitefeather and Blackfeather help you to cross to the Land of Fair Rainbow to see a land with more to view. They pass though the various colors of the rainbow to see what each color has to offer. Red is the place of courage, of searching and finding, new beginnings, healing, true love, and truth, but also of excess and war. Each following color has its own special characteristic which helps Impel see himself more.
Excerpts from the Book:

Table of Contents
Poem 1
Story 1



Literan of Women for the Last Days Of the Revelation
Literan is a liturgy for the empowerment of those who have not been given full stature in this experience called life. They are women, the poor, and those who are not able to take part in the dominating culture. It begins with an introit of a person wanting a better life and mourns being locked into position as the tree or the prey of the strong. The person cries out to her Mother/Father God, Mother Wisdom. They want to fly with her breath and to enter the holy place of guidance to fully enter into what is to be. It follows by a prayer to "Our kind and graceful Mother" who created us in wisdom. The prayer is asked in the name of justice for the preparation of the Day of the Bride of the Revelation and the Dawn of the New Creation. It follows with the Prayer to our Father who looks upon the sons of men who have made God�s honor a reproach and who continue to follow after that which is worthless and aiming at deception. The Credo follows with affirmation of several "I believe..." I believe in One God, Father and Mother, in man, in woman, in the Son, in the Daughter, in the harmony of all things, and in that day when all shall be made right. The Literan includes Three Woes: ignorance, injustice and oppression. It also includes a promise to the Bride of the New Revelation. She shall also do the work of the Son and rebuild the ancient ruins. The penultimate piece concerns the marriage of the Bride, symbolic of the dualistic experience now made whole. She cries "Come, come, come all who thirst, drink the water of life".
Excerpts from the Book:

Table of Contents



Information about current workshops:
Contact Connie Backus-Yoder at A Healing Place
for further information

"40 Flowers for Grief and Depression"
Learn tools for healing ongoing grief and depression. The workshop is a hands-on experience within the framework of several talks on the process of managing your grief or depression. The workshop addresses such issues as how to face your depression and grief, the need for healing, hindrances for healing, and making new choices.

"The Wilderness: A Journal for Spiritual Growth"
Charting your own spiritual path by developing your own inner landscape, for example, the Sea of Despair, Cave of Shame, Shore of Mind Sets, Road to Nowhere, Forgotten Monastery, Well of Poison Water, Oasis of Comfort, Mountains of a Better View, Rock Hills of Personal Danger, and others

"Literan of Women for the Last Days of the Revelation"
Uncover and develop your own belief system through what you know to be true within yourself. Learn about yourself and how you have responded all of your life when faced with negative and often unspoken images of women throughout history.

"Tools for Healing"
Learn more about yourself and how your react to grief and depression. Confront your pain, again. Recognize personal attitudes and beliefs about yourself, God, others, and; the cause or situation which brought it on. What further can I do to facilitate healing. What does health look or feel like?

"Liberation: Breaking The Chains of Your Soul"
This is a workshop based on the principles of liberation theology. It�s purpose is to uncover many areas in which women are bound When they are uncovered, true liberation of a woman�s spirit can emerge.

Speaker's Fee @ $55.00 for 1 hour plus expenses
Half day workshop = $100 plus expenses
Full day workshop = $200.00 plus expenses
2 or more day workshop = $200.00 per day plus expenses

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