Excerpts from "Land of Fair Rainbow" 1994

Table of Contents - from "Land of Fair Rainbow" 1994

Fair Rainbow 1 Introduction
Fair Rainbow 2 Red
Fair Rainbow 3 Yellow
Fair Rainbow 4 Green
Fair Rainbow 5 Blue
Fair Rainbow 6 Violet
Fair Rainbow 7 Purple

Excerpt from "Land of Fair Rainbow" 1994

"Red, yellow, green, blue
Is there something more in you?
Orange, purple, brown, black,
Does a rainbow, nothing lack?"

Excerpt from "Land of Fair Rainbow" 1994

     Mampa See so High wandered through the soft rain in the Always, Always Land of Now There is a Time. She loved to feel the raindrops on her wrinkly, yet gentle graven face. Sometimes she wore an old straw hat, to keep the sun away, but now it was raining and she wanted to feel the cold, tingly rain dew.

     Walking along beside her was Impel Not Too Tall. He was the assistant of Mampa See so High and was learning about the ancient ways which brought life, happiness, peace, love and acceptance.

     "What was that you were saying, Mampa?"

     "Oh, it's just a little rhyme I love to say during the rain. It helps to bring out the rainbow when the rain is over."

     "What does it mean?"

     "Little curious one, have you ever seen an arc of beautiful colors that appears in the sky after the rain which falls to earth? Have you seen the colors of red, yellow, green, and blue, with orange, purple hues joined in?